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Our goal is to work with you to build a portfolio of complementary recruitment business who have specialist knowledge of the Engineering, IT, Healthcare and Education sector. So if your expertise are in these sectors and you're contemplating working for yourself then get in touch.


We are ready to take you on a journey to owing your own business. The sector is buoyant grab your opportunity now!

This is not for everyone, that’s why we are seeking to work with only 10 business partners, so if this is for you then get on board today.

Together we will build a better future for you and your family

We are seeking to invest our time, our money, and our expertise in budding entrepreneurs seeking to build a successful recruitment business, capable of achieving a high equity value on exit.


Very few people will have the opportunity to own and build a highly successful recruitment business.


You will be provided with all the support services you need to get your business off the ground, you will be mentored, and coached by a team of experts. This is your chance to partner and work closely with a dynamic leadership team, who have the expertise for you to succeed.

Image by Austin Distel

We emphasise continual learning and development in running your own business, we will take care of the nuances on business taxation, company administration and the array of TOB’s relevant to your  sector.

From the minute that we meet you, you can expect respect honestly and integrity. We are confident that you will “feel” our sincerity and a  genuine interest in your ambitions and you as a person. The person with a real family, a real mortgage and a range of other personal commitments.

Launching your own recruitment business should be fun! It should be exciting and should always make you feel special.


That’s our ethos, no pinstripes suits, no corporate meetings, no ivory towers!

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