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“Having 10 years’ recruitment experience in the Education sector, the logistical side of starting my own Education Recruitment Agency seemed daunting. After time spent meeting with various investors, we knew it was about finding the “right partnership that met our needs and not to take the first offer that was presented to us - it needed to be 100% right.


We met with Marc Scott and James Baron from IRG, we immediately knew that this was the partner for us. Both Marc and James have extensive knowledge of running a business and have been on hand at all hours when I needed them. Their skillsets are perfectly aligned.

From the website, organising office space to phone lines, and the CRM that we use, everything was put in place instantly with maximum efficiency.

Marc and James have honored everything we discussed from our first meeting. There have been no surprises and no cheap shortcuts. Any roadblock we have hit has been sorted together and our input is valued and trusted.

Speaking from experience; you have no idea what is needed both legally, financially, and logistically when starting a business up from scratch for the first time. You need a partnership with people who not only take the apprehension and headache out of the process but also value your input and trust you enough to keep you in charge of what happens on the day-to-day of running your business.

If you want a partnership, with experienced and knowledgeable individuals to get your business up and running, I would highly recommend IRG"

The idea of working for myself had been on my mind for some time; after several reassuring calls with IRG, I took the leap and set up my own business with them. Everyone at IRG is helpful, friendly, and professional. They are an excellent team of people who from day one supported me in every way.   

From the moment I spoke to James Baron & Marc Scott, I knew IRG was the best company to help me set up on my own because he understood and shared my vision from that first phone call, I also spoke to the other partners who solidified that they were the right business for me.

If you are a strong recruiter, wanting to launch a business, but aren't sure exactly what you need to do, or are worried about the lack of "back office support", contact IRG - You won't regret it."

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After working in medical recruitment for almost 8 years I became a little stagnant. I had been contemplating the transition from employee to owner however, during that time this prospect was still very daunting.

Marc and James have a wealth of knowledge, experience and a vast network of professional connections. Their experience in setting up new companies was invaluable. They have been
there and done it, understanding what needs to be done; from business insurances to setting up bank accounts, websites, and full back-office facilities.

If I have gone through this process alone, the amount of time, research and effort that goes into working through these necessities would have taken me considerably longer. Marc and James really expedited the process tenfold and likely saved me months.

For me personally one of the most important aspects of being involved in a partnership with any investment company is trust and integrity. Whilst there are many investment
companies who offer funding for start ups, Marc and James where the company that stood out to me. They have offered everything I needed in one place and most importantly I felt as though I could trust in them both from the start.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking to start up on their working with both Marc and James.

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Hi, my names is James Baron having worked in the medical recruitment sector for over 10 years, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. It was always my dream to own my business, however dealing with the issues of employment covenants, funding, back office administration and cash flow
were all valid reasons for concern.


So how could I make the transition from being a recruiter to owning my own recruitment business? In 2017, I met Marc Scott at that time he was the Co-Founder of Liberty Bishop International Ltd and KUDO Back Office Ltd. Marc had a wealth of expertise in sales and the payroll sector, he understood the financial elements of the business. I had a wealth of experience in the health recruitment sector so together we created - OH Medical the rest is history.


Together we faced the challenges of building a start-up business. Today, OH Medical employs six people and have doubled it ‘s revenues, we are scaling up our business model to meet the demands of the medical sector.

Having launched our own recruitment business and dealing with the aforementioned issues we have gained a wealth of recruitment and business acumen.

OH Medical Recruitment Ltd is a specialist recruitment agency within the Occupational Health sector
providing a range of permanent and agency staff nationwide.

• Occupational Health Administrators
• Occupational Health technicians
• Occupational Health nurses
• Occupational Health advisors
• Senior Occupational Health Advisors / managers
• Occupational Health physicians

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"Embarking on the journey of starting my own education agency was filled with uncertainty until I connected with James and Marc at Invested Recruiter Group (IRG). Their comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in recruitment startups immediately stood out to me. The confidence they inspired became even more solidified after speaking with Dylan and Sam at SupplyGo, who attested to the exceptional support they received from James and Marc since 2020.


What truly amazed me was the efficiency and thoroughness with which we set up the business. Within just a week of collaboration, we had a vibrant brand identity, a fully functional website, installed phone systems, a provided laptop complete with the Office 365 suite, access to essential job boards, and marketing materials. They didn't stop there; client and candidate terms of business, necessary insurances, and a market-leading bespoke education CRM system were all set up seamlessly.


The level of support and resources provided by James and Marc is unparalleled. From the get-go, they've made every step of establishing my agency feel less like a daunting task and more like a well-supported venture poised for success. If you're considering setting up a recruitment agency and value the importance of having financial backing coupled with expert business support, I cannot recommend James and Marc enough. Their involvement has been pivotal to the smooth setup and continued growth of my business."

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