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Invested Recruiter Group is an investment business that invests in recruitment talent. Our mission is to engage with recruiters who are seeking to own their own business and work for themselves.


You will be joining a dynamic, and highly ambitious investment business, with unrivalled expertise in building successful recruitment businesses.


IRG will help you on your journey to financial freedom, whilst leading and building your own business.


It will be hard work; but highly rewarding, and we’ll have some fun along the way!


Together we will build a better future; we are not about “numbers” we are about nurturing you and growing your business ! By nurturing the right relationships we know the “numbers” will take care of themselves.

Image by Shridhar Gupta


We’ve seen how successful our current recruitment “partners” have been; so we know what works! It’s about investing in the right talent. Whether it's a new partnership or dealing with our current partners it's important that we all work well together. As our portfolio continues to grow, we’ll all benefit from having like-minded people in our business.

You will be supported by a board of proven entrepreneurs, who are highly- motivated for you to succeed.

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