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Invested Recruiter Group (IRG) are seeking to invest time, money, and our expertise in budding entrepreneurs seeking to build and grow their own recruitment business. We provide the platform for those recruiters looking to develop their entrepreneurial skills and create their own personal wealth.

Collaborating with our team of industry experts; we take the time to understand what help and support you need to be successful.

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Our business model is like no other, by removing the burden of the back office, and time wasting administration, we provide the opportunity for our partners to do what they do best, build relationships with clients, grow their network and increase profitability.


Launching your own recruitment business should be fun! It should be exciting and should always make you feel special. That’s our ethos, no pinstripes suits, no corporate meetings, no ivory towers!


In terms of scale, focus, sophistication and enjoyment; there is no other recruitment investment business to rival us.

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